Oh, Mercy!

STL Bomb Squad

STL Bomb Squad

Anne had a routine medical exam today at Mercy Hospital, formerly St. Johns, where Dave was born. When she showed up for her appointment, what she didn’t know was that the hospital was in the middle of a bomb scare. She was slightly inconvenienced, when a police officer directed her to detour away from the epicenter of the incident. Fortunately for her, her appointment was at the opposite end of the hospital campus from the site of the bomb scare. Waiting room personnel were watching events unfold on live TV, while Anne waited for her appointment. I-270 was closed for several hours and many people who were stranded out on the highway were highly inconvenienced. Including one pregnant women, who went into labor and had to be evacuated by the local fire chief. News reports are still sketchy. Involved is a 50 year-old man who had come to the hospital’s ER for a mental health evaluation. ER personnel noticed two suspicious packages in his company. An ER person carried a duffel bag out of the ER and away from the building. The man carried a second smaller package further away and placed it on the hospital’s helipad. He waited there until the authorities arrived. The bomb squad ‘disabled’ this package and examined the duffel bag, but no information about what they found has been released. Stay tuned though, news is at five and I’m sure that this story will lead. It will be interesting to see how this will all play out, especially in light of yesterday’s Orlando massacre. UPDATE: It was a false alarm.

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