Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna

Anne had a birthday on Friday. She also taught in the third grade on Friday. Her kids eventually learned of her birthday and asked rather expectantly, if she had brought any treats to share. She said no, because she is an adult and thought to herself, all I need now is a bunch of hot tub sugar heads. At least that’s what I heard her say, when she was later telling me about her day. We went out to celebrate her birthday, by way of a dinner date. Feeling adventurous, she picked the Drunken Fish in the CWE, a sushi bar. She ordered their White Tiger roll, which was certainly the best, just like the waiter said it would be. I ordered their Kamikaze roll, which was almost as good as hers and we shared, so it was all good. We also shared a mango salad. After dinner we walked up-and-down Euclid, stopping at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for some dessert. We thought that it was great ice cream, but we’re a little disappointed, when we learned from Dan that Jeni’s is a chain.

So, I married an older woman [watch it there Mark]. She is exactly 77 days older than I am, give or take times of birth, time zone differences and phases of the moon. Looking at this situation less granularly though that makes her a year older than me, at least for the next couple of months. [she hates when I do this] As the years go by though, this already small delta will continue to diminish in importance, such that in the limit, like when we are both really old, instead of just sort of old, we will have done so together. Love you babes!

One thought on “Hot Tuna

  1. “Hot tub sugar heads” ~ “Hopped up sugar heads”. –Anne
    Maybe there isn’t that much difference, except that we don’t have a hot tub at the elementary.

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