Big Shark Bicycles

Big Shark

Big Shark

Recently, I’ve discovered the new website, nextSTL. This site seems primarily focused on local architecture, but it could be much more, I’m still getting to know it. I found its writing on the proposed nearby apartment building off of Dale to be highly informative, but the real reason that I am writing about the site is their new article on Big Shark Bicycles. I heard on the radio last week that Big Shark was unhappy with how crowded the U City loop has become. The announcement of the planned construction of a 14-story mixed use building near them there was the last straw. The radio had them closing that store and retaining only their downtown and Chesterfield stores, but according to nextSTL Big Shark will be retaining a presence near us after all. In fact, their new location will be much nearer to us than before. They will be moving into the old Hi-Fi Fo-Fum location, at Big Bend and Wise. This location has been left idle for years, ever since the owner died suddenly, without leaving a will and no way was found to keep the store open. The large two-story building will be torn down. It has structural issues and the bicycle store will move into the adjoining former garage. The torn down building will make way for plenty of parking.

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