Tickets to the Show

Cole Hamels of the Phillies

Cole Hamels of the Phillies

For the third night in less than a week, I have managed to scarf-up tickets from an ailing woman. Am I becoming some sort of predator who waylays women for their tickets to the show? Or is it just my good fortune to be surrounded by generous, but under the weather women? This time it was Pat, who had seemed hale and hearty at the Earth Day Festival, on Sunday that gave up her tickets to Monday night’s Cardinals game. She did mention at the festival that she had injured her knee, but seemed limber enough at the time. I guess the knee got worst. And what is it with this third “date” in a week, with Joanie? People are beginning to talk. I for one, certainly am. So, Pat coughed up two tickets to right field. Anne was still too snotty to go out and thus the task of baseball fandom was left to me and Joanie. I don’t usually score free Red Birds tickets this early in the season. I usually have to wait for the more torrid summer months, but I’m not one to look a gift Clydesdale in the mouth. It was actually a very pleasant evening at the ballpark and the Cardinals were leading for most of the game, just not at the end. Tragedy had struck the Cardinals on Sunday, when their ace, brave Achilles Wainwright also went lame for the season. What to do, what to do, what to do? Cole Hamels, the Phillies ace, was starting Monday’s game. He is supposedly available. His four hit, seven inning tryout/win certainly didn’t hurt his Saint Louis employment opportunities. Psst Joanie, are we still on for Wednesday night? I don’t think that Anne suspects a thing. 😉

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  1. Of course we’re still on for Wednesday night. See you at 5 PM. Wow, our fourth “date” in just over a week – people will really be talking now!!

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