Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Blue Angels Balloon

Blue Angels Balloon

It has been a busy week. There has been plenty for me to do at work, which I appreciate. I’ve been busy preparing a new batch of analysis runs, which first involves a lot of gridding. I enjoy a full day on the gridiron, even though I’m usually tired by the end of it. Geometry manipulation is a two-handed task. I twirl, translate and zoom around my grid with a space ball in my left-hand, while with the mouse in my right I pick at those little triangles. After eight hours of this, I’ve usually had enough for one day. Last year, before winter break, I discovered a breakthrough in how I do my analysis. This breakthrough will allow me to get my work done faster than ever before. So, just before quitting time, I was able to launch my first batch of new jobs.

In other work related news, Cheech, who does Depth of Real Photography that is linked to on the right, has decided to produce a departmental calendar. This calendar will be in the vein of “The Men of …” When this news was first announced, there was an audible groan heard from the female members of the department. I’ve heard of who will be featured for a couple of the months, but since I’m only hearing about this second-hand, I must assume that I am not a calendar pin-up candidate. Also, still no word as to whether this will be a Full Monty calendar or not.

This last month has been a very busy month for me with regards to doctors’ visits. Not that I feeling ill mind you, because these visits have all been wellness appointments. Today’s appointment was with the dentist or more particularly the hygienist, also-known-as the Floss Nazi. About a year ago, I switched to an electric toothbrush and then six months later I added a water pick. Today, my cleaning was almost a formality, instead of the grueling enhanced interrogation that it has always been. “Is it safe? Is it safe?” She even remarked, “I have never seen a more transformational patient then you.” Even so, she still chided me about my need to floss more. Flossing must be imprinted on her DNA.

Today, I got new eyeglasses for the first time in five years. My prescription had changed significantly. Like most people, as they grow older, they become more farsighted. What this means for me is that since I’ve always been very nearsighted, now I am less so than before. In the limit, I might actually attain 20/20 vision. That’s the theory anyway. Also, the new spectacles are not scratched as the old ones were. When I got back to work, I no longer felt the need to stare over my glasses while looking at or press my nose to the computer screen. Wayne, my former boss, always use to give me crap for doing those things, whenever he caught me. Which is funny, because he use to do them too and I swear his vision was worse than mine. Now that he is gone, I decided that it was time for me to move on too. I see things so much more clearly now.

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