Jonquils - another name for daffodils

Jonquils – another name for daffodils

The word, Jonquils, another name for daffodils, is in the upper left corner of the photo and may be Anne’s all time best turn in Scrabble. Starting with the letter Q on a double letter square, combined with a triple word score, and all seven letters used, gave her 149 points. I’m sure neither of her parents were very pleased with her after that turn. It’s OK being the smartest person in the room, but you have to be a little more discreet about showing it off.

Rey left early for Denver this morning and I followed him up I-170 until he turned off onto westbound I-70 and Kansas City. He has a long drive today, but at least he got a good nights sleep last night. We both watched the Cardinal players choke during last night’s All Star game. He was kind of preoccupied talking through the process of scheduling the seventy some teenagers that are needed to man all of the concessions for a week of Smokies baseball. I’ll see Rey again next week, when he and Carl pass through town on one of their marathon ten games in ten days baseball road trips.

Dave was already here, when I got home tonight. He has a conference in town. It’s at the Washington University Medical Center and runs through Saturday. It looks like a busy week here in the Lou, what with all of the comings and goings.

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