Last Day

Down Bound Ore Boat After Sunset

Down Bound Ore Boat After Sunset

Today was my last real day of vacation. Tomorrow will be consumed with driving. Monday means work again for me. What about Anne, you ask? She’ll be summering on Lake Superior with her folks for many more weeks to come. In addition to my last day at the cabin, today is also Anne’s and mine 34th anniversary. We got married on the front steps of this cabin that I now sit in, writing this. Its layout has changed a bit since then, mostly for the better, except for one important bit of feng shui. The new since then indoor flush toilet now sits where we once stood together to take our nuptials.

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  1. Except for circumstances beyond our control, this May 22 would have been Jim’s and my 33rd…hard to believe it’s been 9 years. Congrats on making it to 34 together!

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