Art in the Park

Baseball Quilt - National League, by Ross Palmer Beecher

Baseball Quilt – National League, by Ross Palmer Beecher

You can find in Safeco Field the work of Seattle artist Ross Palmer Beecher. He created three large “quilts” made from pieces of found metal stitched together with red wire similar to the stitching on a baseball. Pieces of discarded pop cans and other metal containers create the logos of 30 Major League Baseball teams. The logos are “sewn” onto license plates of the states and Canadian provinces from which the teams hail, forming one quilt for the American League and one for the National League (pictured above). The third quilt references the history of baseball in the Pacific Northwest from the Seattle Rainiers and Spokane Indians to the early days of the Mariners. In other baseball news, I won two Cardinal tickets for next week. The MS Society held a drawing of early registrants of Bike MS and picked me. This will be my first home game of the season. I hope to get to the park early enough to have time to checkout Ballpark Village, which just opened this year. That way, I can appear like I at least somewhat know what I’m doing, when Carl and Rey come to town in July.

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