Any Port in a Storm

Double Lattes

Double Lattes

For the first time in two weeks I got back on the bike again. It is also the first time in two weeks that I didn’t have to go to work. So, Anne and I launched towards the park this morning, probably a little later than we should have. At the top of the block, one of the many Marks on the block remarked to us as we rode by, “Trying to get a ride in before it rains?”

We got some miles, probably one or two more than we should have, because when I checked the radar from the far end of the park, the storm front had gotten much closer than I would have guessed. With all deliberate haste we headed for home. Heading west the skyline ahead was distinctively dark and cloudy. As we neared Skinker, it began to spit. While waiting at the light, Anne tossed all of her electronics into the relative safety of my messenger bag. We crossed at the light and got a couple of hundred yards up Wydown, when the sky opened up and buckets of water descended. We got soaked. We made a beeline to the De Mun Kaldis and took cover there. We could have pressed on, because we weren’t going to get any wetter than we already were, but the thunder and lighting dissuaded us.

We were cheered by the staff when we entered, as wandering fools. We ordered the pictured lattes and also had the nachos, one of my favorite dishes there. I was wearing the million dollar Kaldi’s jersey and got an unsolicited 10% discount. Just to be polite, we licked the plate clean. I don’t think that we rode enough miles to justify the nachos, except for maybe that last half-mile in the rain. Afterwards we rode home in a drizzle. As I write round two has begun. This time we have tornadoes too. “And Toto too?” One is to the left of me (south) and the other is to the right (north).

Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

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