Pirates of the Missouri Bottoms

Pirates of the Missouri Bottoms - Corsair on Taxi

Pirates of the Missouri Bottoms – Corsair on Taxi

We attended the airshow last weekend at Spirit of Saint Louis Airport, which is located in the Missouri Bottoms section of the city of Chesterfield. In 1993 the Bottoms were devastated by that year’s big flood, but since then unparalleled development there has made the place the major sales tax generating engine of Saint Louis County. Yesterday, in a tax spat, the mayor of Chesterfield threatened to secede from Saint Louis County and join Saint Chuck County across the Missouri River.

I say fine, the JB bridge ought to be finished with its renovations about then. You’ll easily be able to visit your new county seat, just don’t expect any of your resident’s commutes into Saint Louis County to be any further accommodated or any access from the county where most of your customers live to your shopping malls either. Last weekend’s airshow traffic jams will soon become part-and-parcel of your everyday life. Enjoy!

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  1. Today, the Saint Chuck county executive told the mayor of Chesterfield that he should go back and read the state constitution, because his planed secession wasn’t going to happen.

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