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Here I am hook sliding into the weekend and instead of my usual bereft of blog topics, I find myself the proud holder of an unusual surfeit of things to write about. So let’s get started then and in no particular order here we go. First up, I thought that we had theater tickets tonight. I was wrong; they are not until much later. I had discovered this error only after, I had showered and changed. More is the pity. What being all dressed up and no place to go, I took Anne out to dinner, instead of dinner and the theater. We walked up Clayton to Katy’s Pizza. Passing the Esquire movie theater, we both looked longingly for any likely show to substitute for the one that wasn’t there, but it was to no avail. Hollywood was off on another of its irrelevant riffs. Dinner at Katy’s was among a young and intensely intelligent WashU clientele. I never felt more pleased at being post-intelligent.

I have held in reserve this week the news and have not yet reported about last Saturday’s show. It was the third and final show of this season of Ignite! It was a musical, called “Georama”. In the mid-1800s, American artist John Banvard created the first georama, a 3,000 foot long scrolling painting celebrating the beauty of the Mississippi River, arguably the first ‘motion picture’. I missed the exhibit of his georama at the Saint Louis Art Museum, a couple of years ago. I think that that exhibit inspired this play. Barvard’s georama was a great success then and once paired with P.T. Barnum became an international one too, but Barvard and Barnum had a love-hate relationship that provided most of the tension in this play. John’s wife Elizabeth and their relationship acted as a counterbalancing influence. Present in the audience was John and Elizabeth Bonvard’s great-great-great-grandson. In his thirties, with a full bushy beard and a shaved scalp, he looks the spitting image of his more famous ancestor’s pictures.

There was news today, that the company was the first pick of college grads as a place to go to work, beating out the likes of Google. This news was somewhat sketchy, originating from an employment agency, but good press is always valued. I was in one of our shops, a hanger, this morning. I was part of a cattle call that my boss had sent out. I and about half-a-dozen twenty some year olds were standing around, waiting. The young guys were discussing the various comic book action hero movies, both past, present and future. None of these movies held much interest for me, but it was amusing hearing these young bucks critiquing them.

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