250 in 250

MO History Museum Cake-Way-To-The-West Entry

MO History Museum Cake-Way-To-The-West Entry

Sometime this weekend, some 250 years ago, Saint Louis was born. The exact date is unknown, in part because the city’s founder had poor penmanship and now no one can read his writing. Saint Louis will be celebrating this anniversary all year, but on this weekend special note should be taken. To this end, the Missouri History Museum rolled out their exhibit honoring this event, 250 in 250. This show opened this weekend and we saw it on Saturday. The second 250 pertains to the many years that Saint Louis has been in existence, but the first 250 signify the following list of items:

  • 50 People
  • 50 Places
  • 50 Images
  • 50 Moments
  • 50 Objects

The museum was crowded, what with this opening and all of the additional hubbub associated with it. It is free, but we had to wait fifteen minutes before we were allowed to enter. When we came out, the line was much longer. There will be plenty of time to see the exhibit, because it will be open for a year. This is a good thing, because it was so crowded, we didn’t get to see everything.

Photography was permitted and we took lots of pictures. You’ll see the results in the coming days and weeks. The photo with this post shows the History Museum’s entry in the Cake-way to the West art exhibition that is this week blanketing the town. We saw the Reps entry on Friday. It will be fun touring around town and finding all of the other cakes that were baked for this party.

Anne and I have lived in Saint Louis more than any other place and we call it home. It is interesting seeing the entirety of its history in one place, even if only in snapshot snippets. There is a lot of history to this town. Not that Saint Louis has any monopoly on longevity in America. There are plenty of cities back east that are simply dripping with history, but they are all grownup metropolises. In those big cities their historical heart is dwarfed by what they have become. Saint Louis still feels a bit like the little old town that it always was.

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