Dan’s Back in Town

Dan, Anne and I at the Scrabble Table in Blueberry Hill

Dan, Anne and I at the Scrabble Table in Blueberry Hill

”Oh, Santa, I’ve been waiting for you.”
“That’s funny kid, because I’ve been coming for you”
– The Killers, Don’t Shoot Me Santa

Dan flew into town today, full of LA stories, full of wonderful tales of comedy and drama. Dan wanted to go to a Saint Louis eatery, so we breezed on over to Blueberry Hill. It is the middle of finals week and the place was pretty empty. We even snagged the Scrabble table and checked out the pieces too, but never got around to playing. We were too busy talking and then the food arrived. Even after his bike accident, he still enjoys his mile-plus bike commute to work through downtown LA. He is pretty much healed up now, not much scaring. He lives and rides along the LA River, which has been the set for countless movie shoots past and still counting. Work is driving him a little crazy, but I think that that is all about what he would like to do there versus what he can do. He is still pursuing his artwork. We’ll see how well LA boy adapts to this cooler than recent winters. He did acknowledge our cooler weather here, even if it was in the forties today. Dan said that the studio has two environmental settings, oven for the winter and freezer for the summer, plus “off” for spring and fall. He hauled back from LA his Grandfather’s Annapolis P-coat, which still fits Dan.

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