Bottoms-Up Beer Magnetic Disk

Bottoms-Up Beer Magnetic Disk

Bottoms Up!
Here’s looking at you.
Here’s mud in your eye.
Here’s to you.

If you have ever been to the ballpark and bought a beer there, then here’s news of an invention that would have made that line you were standing in, move a little faster. This invention is called a Bottoms-Up Cup and it is the product of a company called GrinOn Industries. It gets its name, because the beer is dispensed from the bottom-up. The technology is relatively simple; a plastic cup with a hole in the bottom is coupled with a magnetic disk that seals the hole after the beer is poured. As the following video shows, it dispenses the beer faster than a normal tap would and always leaves a perfect head. According to the GrinOn website, their machine can dispense more than fifty beers in a minute.

Not content with just being faster, GrinOn also sees marketing opportunities in those magnetic disks. They have an advertising potential. They can be customized to carry a particular logo or slogan and fans can take them home as souvenirs. The one pictured above adorns our refrigerator, but you don’t want to be too quick to collect your souvenir. The concessionaire warned me not to ‘play’ with the disk until the cup was empty. Such a warning should be unnecessary, but later Rey told me a story from his Tennessee baseball experience. One Bottoms-Up customer was not content with just poking at the magnetic disk. He turned his beer cup upside down to see how it worked. I think that some prior drinking must have been involved. This story leads me to believe that there is at least one more, as yet untapped marketing potential for this product. It could be used as a training aid for those disadvantaged individuals who cannot pour piss out of a boot, while looking down on its sole.

Bottoms up, bottoms up, up, every single cup
Got a couple of bottles, but a couple ain’t enough
Bottoms up, bottoms up, up, throw your hands up
Tell security we ’bout to tear this club up
– “Bottoms Up” from Trey Songz

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