Line Drive, Line-Out, Holding Your Line

Rugby Line-Out in Forest Park

Rugby Line-Out in Forest Park

Meet me in Saint Louis and take me out to the ballpark. World Series play comes to the Lou tonight and with it seemingly the rest of the world too. Rey has arrived. Dave and a friend are en route from West Lafayette. A friend of Rey’s might show up Sunday night. It looks like a full-house for the series. We’ll all watch tonight’s game on TV, but tomorrow, the kids have tickets to the game, standing room only, but still tickets.

This morning, we gave the house the white tornado treatment, in preparation for our guests. Afterwards, I went biking in the park. Rugby was being played there. I got the above picture of a line-out from the touch, in American English that means a thrown-in ball from out-of-bounds. That guy in the foreground was really annoying, but since he was also the Ref, I couldn’t ask him to move out-of-the-way. As I rode through the tunnel under Hampton, I passed a couple that was taking up two of the four lanes. Suddenly, an oncoming cyclist appeared around the corner. I was across the centerline and he chided me for not holding my line. I guess that he wanted the last two lanes all for himself.

Anne seems to finally be feeling better. She helped out with the housework and seems in good spirits tonight. However, I’ve managed to catch a whiff of whatever is going around. For me, it is just a sinus thing, but that can be pretty annoying. With all of the out-of-town visitors this weekend, the Lou could become quite the vector. 1919 had the Spanish flu, could 2013 be the year of the Saint Louis flu?

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