Lions and Ticks and Bears, Oh My!

Point Iroquois Lighthouse Decked Out for the 4th

Point Iroquois Lighthouse Decked Out for the 4th

We launched on our bikes for the first time this vacation. We rode to the Point Iroquois Lighthouse. On the way out, we stopped at the Dancing Crane, a Ojibwe tribal enterprise. Lattés, Wi-Fi and authentic tribal haute couture, what else could you ask for in a coffee shop. While we were there, we picked up a copy of the Bay Mills News. Our next stop was the lighthouse and then we turned around. We were going to stop at the Cozy Inn for white fish, but it was way too late for lunch at that point. Thursday is the normal fish night, but this week it is also the 4th. Instead, we stopped at the Bear’s Den for ice cream. Anne had a black cherry cone, but I had a way more decadent chocolate chip raspberry cone. We made it back in time for a leisurely swim before dinner, also a first for this vacation. We have become so lackadaisical this summer.  

Fear has griped the beach this summer. Not from lions, I just added that à la the Wizard of Oz, but bears and ticks do hold sway. Pete of Jeep and Pan fame has a bear problem. His bird feeder has attracted a bear. I’ve heard his scary air horn a couple of times. While there are small children on the beach now, there are also many more people than before. I think that the bear danger has receded, at least for the holiday week. Darn, I was so hoping for a bear picture. Hey, maybe that pack of chocolate bacon that I tossed on the mulch heap will work anyway? 

The Bay Mills News has a front page lead article entitled, “Tick season in full swing, plaguing people and pets”. The next door Grumpy Growler seems to acquire new ticks on a daily basis. I learned this week that the late Aunt Betty owned a bug suit. Think like a white space age moon suit. I want one, no two of those, so I can wear one and wash the other. I was doing fine for the first few days, when the wind was up, but then the wind died and the bugs descended upon me and now I am so anemic now that I can write no more. 

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