Pentland’s Perfect Pilaf

Our good friends, [There names are being explicitly deleted here to protect their identities, and I’m switching to their nom de guerre names, Doctor Bozo Bean Breath and the Master Bladder, at least that is what their wedding invitation said many years ago.], sent us as a Christmas present last December, a vacuum sealed packet of food. Subtitled, Rice and Spice that’s twice as nice, Dr. Breath and Mr. Bladder have also described this confection as people kibbles, a high-end doomsday product or something for the gourmet survivalist. It’s been six plus months since Christmas, so it is high times that we sample their product.

The occasion for breaking open this treasure was today’s arrival of Bubs and Harry. Anne and I have been enjoying cabin living all alone, but it is nice to have more people around. Tomorrow Dave arrives. Rather than waiting for the finished product to arrive, I’ll this post as is and head to the kitchen to start cooking. I’ll post the Pentland Pilaf finished product later.

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