5 Year Blog Anniversary

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of this blog’s creation. Way back in 2008 I began with a stereotypical “Hello World” post. It coincided with Dave’s return from his sophomore year at Rochester. Some year’s anniversaries were rather uneventful, but many marked major family milestones. 2010 brought Dave’s University of Rochester graduation, in 2011 we mourned my mother’s passing and in 2012 we celebrated Dan’s graduation from CalArts. This year has been one of the uneventful ones. I’ve written more than one post per day for these past five years and have written regularly, almost always every day. After this little self-acknowledging and self-congratulatory hiatus, I plan on getting back to my regular blogging. Every day has been a challenge and every day will be an adventure. Here’s to five more years of soapbox shouting into the blogosphere!

3 thoughts on “5 Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Congrats on such a momentum milestone. Even though it might not have any bells and whistles, it is definitely something to be proud of. I just started recently blogging and this kind of commitment inspires me to continue my writing. Best of luck with everything and here’s to year five.

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