Achtung Liebert!

Good Friday was a bad day at work. I came in to find that my computers were down. The computer room was 85 degrees, the machines had shut themselves down and there were three men in the room, trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix things. They soon got the Liebert AC unit back online and the room cooled quickly. Their main problem was getting power back to the computers. It’s not like turning on a light bulb. This problem took all morning to fix, but by noon everything was up and running again.

Then around three I saw one of the IT guys, the computer had just paged him, there was another problem. The computer room was again warmer than it should be. It was eventually decided that the two Liebert units in the room were warring with each other. One of them thought that it was too warm and was trying to cool the room. The other one thought that it was too cold and was actually heating the room. This second unit was winning. It was eventually decided to turnoff the heater. We’ll have to wait and see what Monday brings.

Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity

Friday night was date night, we did dinner and a show. Dinner was at Big Sky Café, one of our faves and the show was the Rep’s last main stage production of this season, Double Indemnity. The following is the Rep’s synopsis of this play:

It is possible to commit the perfect crime? The beautiful and seductive Phyllis Nirlinger is willing to try. Aided by smitten insurance agent Walter Huff, Phyllis sets out to murder her husband and collect on a giant insurance claim. Caught in the femme fatale’s sinister web of guilt and betrayal, Huff finds himself on a deadly journey that may be more than he bargained for. Based on James M. Cain’s 1930s noir thriller, Double Indemnity is a dark and treacherous view of the power of greed and desire.

How do you feel about some sex marriage? 😉

To my mind, with all of the hubbub this week about the sanctity of marriage, Phyllis and people like her do more to torpedo that institution than all the Supreme Court decrees ever will. In the play, she takes the rap as the evil temptress, but Walter seems just as culpable. Since he also narrates, the audience is left with a more sympathetic view of him compared to her.

The play’s title comes from an important clause in the husband’s insurance policy. The insurance company offers a double payout or double indemnity for train accidents. This is a marketing ploy by the insurance company. It sounds good to the client, but since train accidents are very rare, it won’t cost the insurance company much money to write into the policy.

We went for a bike ride on Saturday. This is only the third time since her bike accident last fall that Anne has been on the bike. Except for an errant sweet gum ball, Anne’ s ride was as smooth as silk. We did happen upon an accident scene, car versus bike. It was where the bike path crosses Clayton Avenue. There were four or five police cars there and one not particularly late-model Caddy. One of the cop cars had a bicycle sticking out of its trunk. We didn’t see any cyclist, but since Barnes Hospital is just on the other side of Kingshighway, he or she might have already been carted away by then. I don’t think that there will ever be any double indemnity insurance involving bicycling, because it can be so dangerous.

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  1. Computers and computer rooms can be such a PITA! Hopefully the Lieberts can work out their differences so the computers can have a safe and happy environment again. Good luck…

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