Matrix Man

Mister Bill Caught in the Laser Kaleidoscope

The picture with this post shows Mister Bill caught in the light of a laser kaleidoscope. The back story to this photo began a couple of hours earlier. Anne and I were walking the beach together. It was near sunset and as is our want, we were taking photographs of said sunset. I think that we now have more than enough cabin sunset pictures to last until next summer’s vacation.

On our way back from the short end of the beach, we were hailed by Jan and Pete who were sitting in their ‘Bug Hut’. The Bug Hut is a screened in porch situated on the edge of the sand. We went in there and talked with them for a while. I was complemented on my photography and about this blog. One criticism about this blog that did Jan have, was about some of my political posts. I promised to be more politic in the future. We’ll see how well that works out.  

Anyway, they eventually brought up the subject of their laser kaleidoscope. This is an electrical appliance that is one part laser and one part kaleidoscope. They talked about looking for it and showing it to us, but that talk seem to me to be in sort of the future indefinite tense. We made our way back to the cabin, well almost. Anne and Bill offered me an Anne-hatten and I was enjoying it, when a car turned into the driveway. We were all wondering who it might be when Jan and Pete popped out with their laser kaleidoscope. The resulting photo is about the best that I could do though. Maybe I could do better next time, next year?

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