Home Again

Another Cabin Sunset

 We’re trundling down the 57, with Captain Dan at the wheel. We’ve already shown our backside to Chi-town and after almost 35 days of vacation, Anne has reluctantly said goodbye to the great lakes state, at least for a little while. It has been a grand summer vacation season, one that I managed to stretch into two trips to the cabin and two weeks in California. Don’t tell the people at work, I’m not done yet. There are two long weekend trips in the offing, a wedding and our high school reunion.

 We launched reasonably early this morning, but not uh-oh-dark-thirty, not even oh-dark-thirty. Our first traffic delay was on six-mile. A car had plowed off the road, between Birch Point and Brimley. It had hit a power pole. The car was barely visible in the ditch, so there was no way of telling how the driver had fared, but there were two ambulances there, both just sitting around, along with a bunch of other emergency vehicles. Power had been knocked out in Brimley, so we were foiled from getting coffee there. We were foiled again in Rudyard that store wasn’t even open. Eventually we found coffee joy in Mackinac City, along with blueberry scones.

 It was a long drive, but not particularly grueling, not with three drivers. It is relatively cooler here in the Lou. It was only 88 °F, when we pulled into the driveway. Temperatures for the coming week look downright reasonable. The roofers are coming tomorrow, that ought to be interesting. Finally, work calls tomorrow, that ought to be interesting too.

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