Dan’s Studio

Anne and I visited CalArts last night. There was a Parents/Grad Students barbecue well underway, when we arrived. The party was being held among the warren of student studios. Dan’s was center stage, with its full moon balloon. Both Anne and I were impressed with the organization of all of his stuff. Something that we have never witnessed at home.

The graduation ceremony is tonight. By other college’s standards, CalArts’ graduation ceremony is rather informal. No robes are worn. Dan had suggested that the art department get robes to wear, just to be different, but gave up trying to herd cats. Speaking of cats and dogs, CalArts is a dog friendly campus. You can bring your dog to class, if you want. CalArts is not a cat friendly campus. [Hee, hee, hee.] Speaking of cats, Dan has scored a summer job of sorts. He will be a cat sitter for several cats and a rabbit, or a bunny, he’s not sure which. Time for some OJT, Dan. This gig gives him a place to stay for the summer and some sort of remuneration.

It should be a lengthy ceremony and Dan won’t walk until the end. The art department is being punished for bad behavior at last year’s graduation. I asked, was it public nudity? Dan said no. No nudity is condoned and should be expected. No, last year’s art grads exited the graduation ceremony and began playing loud music, disturbing the remainder of the graduation ceremony. Apparently, rudeness is not condoned at CalArts.

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