Nexus of a Family Diaspora

di•as•po•ra /dīˈaspərə/ noun

  1. A dispersion of a people from their homeland.
  2. The community formed by such a people

I might be bending the meaning of the word here and I am certainly excluding the capitalized definition of the word, but I’ll try to make it fit to our situation. Others might be content to just call it empty nest syndrome and move on, but one can have an empty nest when the last child moves out of the house and across town. Maybe far-flung family is a better description? No matter which term you choose to describe it, it aptly describes our family, at least on most nights, but not tonight. Tonight, with Dave’s safe arrival home, we are a family unit whole again. Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Nexus of a Family Diaspora

  1. Congrats, Matt!

    Jay, it is an Echinopsis Cactus. I photographed it at the MoBot Gardens and yes they do look like little creatures, both fuzzy and festooned with spines.

    Two boys have landed safely and one more is on final approach.

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