O’ Captain, My Captain!

Don, Captain of Team Kaldi’s, called today. How about a bike ride? Sure! He rode over to the house and we both departed towards the Park. Anne, still under the weather, was left to her bike widowhood. We met Marty, another Kaldi’s team member at the Forsyth entrance to the Park and rode with him to the Science Center. Stew and Nancy passed us going the other way, and turned around to say hello. Don and I wended our way back through the Park and stopped at the DeMun Kaldi’s for a little something. I followed him back out Clayton Road to Geyer, before I turned back towards home. All this while, a running dialogue ensued. We tried to solve all of the problems of the world, but decided in the end that if we did that there would be a lot people put out of work. So we left things as they were, sorry world. I took Litzinger Road home, which had even less traffic than Clayton, on a Sunday afternoon. In the end, I got 23 miles to Don’s 40ish.

That was some ballgame last night. I’m speaking of the Card’s game, but I could just as easily be speaking of Michigan State’s Hail Mary ending football victory over the vaunted #3, Wii Badgers. The Cardinals in general and Albert Pujols in particular rocked Arlington, Texas last night, to the tune of 16-7. Saint Louis is just giddy with itself today. History tells us that most teams that find themselves up 2-1 go on to win the World Series. The road team is 21-7 in the last 28 Series when it has broken the tie. This may sound like heresy, but I don’t want the Redbirds to sweep the Rangers in Texas. I want them to come back to Saint Louis to clinch the title. Fox does too. We saw one of their blimps practicing downtown today, while in the Park. It would be nice to see the Cardinals win tonight. After all, the Rams are playing their part as the sacrificial lambs. But like almost every inning played so far, the Cards get out to a lead and the Rangers come right back. I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight’s game reflects this give-and-take and the Rangers tie it up again. Still, go Cards!

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