Pedaling Across the Finish Line

Today, Monday, was the ninth and final day of our Shoreline West bicycling tour. We’ve ridden about 500 miles over the last nine days, but I await the final tabulation from my Anne-countant. Today, we rode from Harbor Springs to Mackinaw City. We got 46 miles. Yesterday’s ride was such a cake-walk, that we had enough energy left over after dinner, to hoof it down to the marina in Spring Harbor. About the only action we found on a Sunday night, were other cyclists looking for some nightlife. Spring Harbor rolls up its sidewalks, pretty early, on a Sunday night. Heavy dew, due to a 58 degree low temperature, caused our tent to leak again, early Monday morning. We’ll have to do something about that before we camp again. We hit the road relatively early on Monday and headed out-of-town. There is almost twenty miles of green tunnel road between Spring Harbor and Cross Village. On the weekends it is packed with traffic, but it being Monday morning, we practically had the road to ourselves. The hard to accommodate League of Michigan Bicyclists schedule, jelled in my mind and made sense after today. After Cross Village, it was a bit of a slog, but neither hills, headwinds or happenstance could keep us from completing the tour. In Mackinaw City, we had a big lunch, pedaled to the finish line, showered and then waited for Harry and Bubs to pick us up. It was a good ride.

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  1. Your humble editor is embarrassed to admit that she was so tired last night that she did not catch that it was actually Harbor Springs, not Spring Harbor.

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