Rain Day

Friday night it rained, the tent leaked and we got wet. It was still raining in the morning, so desertion among the other riders was rampant. Too many cars and not enough will power to continue riding led to many nine day riders calling it quits after only six days. We were not so tempted, mainly because our car was not parked in Traverse City.
Saturday, we rode from Traverse City to Charlevoix. We got 62 miles. We started off in the rain, but it soon subsided and except for a few periods of drizzle, it stayed mostly dry. Saturday night they ran a shuttle into Charlevoix and We went out on the town, to the Laundromat. Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me, big boy?
Although, the day started off wet, the ride itself was still pretty good. The hills were easier than the past two days, so even with a headwind, it wasn’t too hard a day. Radar now shows that the storms have moved off, so even though rain is still in the forecast, I am hopeful for a goodnight’s sleep.
At one of our lunch stops (yes, plural), in Elk Rapids, the restaurant only had one waitress on duty. Anne informed her that hordes of Bicyclists, like us, would soon be descending upon her. She took it pretty much in stride and delivered our ruben and pots of hot coffee flawlessly.
Every evening, after dinner, this tour’s director holds a rider’s meeting. He discusses events of the day and describes the next day’s ride. Usually there is also a contest, with results to be announced. Today’s contest was for a picture of an unusual mailbox. I took the picture with this post, with the intension of entering the contest. I should have submitted it, because I would have won. I especially love the little trademark notations.

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