The Three Sisters

Once upon a time there were three sisters. The first sister said, “I’m the tallest.” The second sister said, “I’m the steepest.” The third sister said, “I may not be as tall or as steep as my other sisters, but since I’m last, I’ll wear you out more my first two sisters combined.” These three sisters were the high points of our day. We rode 65 miles today, from Ludington to Frankfort. The first 45 miles were flat or gently rolling. The last 20 miles featured the three sisters, three hills of unusual size. Cyclists should always beware of named hills. We have them in Saint Louis, but they usually just take the name of the road. Tuesday, we had Blockhouse Hill, but like road named hills, it is by geography named. The three sisters are not like that and the hardest hill, the middle hill, has earned its own special name, Watermelon Hill. Fortunately, watermelon was served at the top.

Suffer on to the day only the hills thereof – Pooh’s Proverb

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