Parking Lot Trees

Monday, Anne and I rode from South Haven to West Ottawa, near Holland. We got 47 miles, it being the second day of the tour, they cut us some slack, with a shorter than average mileage day. Saugatuk and lunch with Dan was the high point of the day. I’ve already reported about the Keewalin, which is certainly the biggest tourist draw in town. We ate at the Coral Gables, which is run by the same family as the Coral Gables in East Lansing, at least when we went to MSU.

2 thoughts on “Parking Lot Trees

  1. Interesting about the Coral Gables. I *believe* that The Commander once told me it was in EL when *they* went to MSU.

    P.S. I liked your entry about facebook and teachers but couldn’t boil down what I thought about it enough to make a concise comment. Difficult subject…

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