A Beach Day

Thursday was a beach day. Anne and I walked the beach in the morning and saw the Roger Blough heading down bound. I think that it should be pronounced blog, but Anne doesn’t think so. We also spent some time repositioning our luggage for the bike trip and beyond. Next, we biked to Brimley, really just a checkout ride. On the way back, we stopped at the Birch Point range light and saw the osprey nest. There are two fledglings at the nest plus an adult. When we got back to the Cabin, swimming was in order. The water was warm, yes I know, my veracity on this subject is not the best, but even Anne went swimming, I think that that says it all. Finally, there was a whitefish dinner at the Cozy Inn, to cap off a beautiful day. After dinner I took a moment to blough this post and one more walk on the beach.

3 thoughts on “A Beach Day

  1. or “plow” (as in, think of the British “plough”).

    Of course, there’s gonna be arguments to make it rhyme with “enough” or “tough”…. or “though” … or “through” … or “slough” (which I’d always heard Jack pronounce “slew”, but medically is pronounced “sluff”). So… reasoning for every sort of ending EXCEPT for the hard “g” sound!!

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