Cabin Boys and Girls

Anne sent the pictures with this post. They show many of her relatives from her extended family. Last Thursday, they had a potluck party called, “Thanksgiving in July”. She also sent along the following text. Alas, I’ll miss seeing most of these most of these folks, but I have a cruel mistress, I mean my bicycle, not Anne, my wife.

Here are some pix from “Thanksgiving in July”. These are from the potluck part of the party. Also, here are some pix of the triplets and William kayaking and Ana and Lila on the beach. It’s fun having some kids on the beach. Brandon ran by our cabin with some of Kevin Mullin’s grandkids. We told him that the old cabin belonged to his grandma’s grandfather. It blows my mind, if not his. I also sent a picture from today’s sendoff, but none from the Courtois crew, too impatient to go.

3 thoughts on “Cabin Boys and Girls

  1. Your Northern Correspondent is red-faced with embarrassment. The middle picture in the third row is mis-labelled. It should be labelled as Bubs, Jay, Carl, Aimee and Jan. Kristen had a pink shirt the same color as Jay’s. Maybe Jay has the picture with Kristen, but I don’t. OOPS 🙁

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