Sugar Island

Friday, Anne and her cousin biked on Sugar Island, an island in-between Michigan and Canada. It is reached by ferry. The ferry departs from Clyde’s a drive-in that has somehow managed to survive from its pre-1950s origin. The pictures and the following text is from Anne.

Aimee and I rode our bikes on Sugar Island. We drove to Clyde’s, left the car there, and took the ferry. There’s a long, relatively steep hill about three miles in from the ferry, and then you come to the main North-South Road down the center of the island. The road was paved, except for the last half mile or so. We took it about 11 miles south, and then walked on a trail on some Little Traverse Conservancy property. The frog or toad pictures were taken there. The other pictures were from the road or the ferry. I haven’t processed the pictures yet. It was a fun ride, but I felt guilty that I didn’t trade bikes on the hills.

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