Hangin’ with Da Boyz

I’ve been on a business trip all week long, but today I am headed home. In the interim, I’ve been hanging with the guys, by day, long and boring meetings, by night, eating, drinking and carousing. Well, as much carousing as a bunch of married, middle aged guys can manage, which is pretty much just swapping old war stories. Early on, I was given some advice by one of the younger guys; snap an iPhone picture of your room number, when you leave to go out for the night. Fortunately, it was advice that I never needed to follow. On Monday, the Perma-Bear and I started our six week fitness challenge. This week’s lifestyle was such that it may take us the remaining five weeks to get back to the fitness levels that we enjoyed at the beginning of it. Meanwhile, Anne has been riding her tail off this week. It is time for me, to get it in gear.

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