Anne’s May Biking Report

My bike goal for May was to ride every day. I did not make this goal, but I did ride 25 of the 31 days and almost as many miles in May (254) as my total for January through April (288). The days that I did not ride were (mostly) due to family being more important than a compulsive bike goal. I did get up extra early on the 20th and rode a few miles before our 7:30 cab ride to the airport, thus ensuring a 20/20 unbroken streak. While in California, family was paramount, and no bicycling occurred. Returning on the 24th, I might have ridden when we got back, except that flight delays meant that we arrived at home very close to midnight. Maybe I should have rented a bike at Jay’s Bike Rental in Venice Beach? I did not ride on the 27th, because I worked until 4:45, took Dan to Art Mart for supplies, and just made it to high school graduation. I chose not to ride in the dark afterwards, but “could of, should of, would of, didn’t ride to work. Sunday morning, oh-dark-thirty, we are loading the car. Dan has a lot of stuff for his 12-week fellowship. Do we really need to bring the bikes? No, we don’t. I didn’t do even a 1-mile ride before we left. I’d already dropped the streak, right? Not bringing the bikes was a very good thing, as we went through a huge rainstorm as we arrived in Michigan! I did ride Monday after we dropped Dave at the airport, and yesterday evening to close out the month.

Now that I’ve made excuses for the days I didn’t ride, let me say that some of the days I did ride were pretty lame. Riding a mile or two because a storm is coming is bad enough, but riding one mile IN the rain, just to say I rode that day is ridiculous! I averaged 10 miles/day, but I had only two days over 30 miles. Despite the low mileage, I was surprised by how tired I felt, including one night when I totally crashed watching TV. I didn’t hear the phone ring, nor Mark calling me. Fortunately, he told the substitute teacher scheduler that I couldn’t work the next day. Maybe those rest days are important? Anyhow, I have a new goal for June: 30 days in 30 of … sewing.

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