Mom’s Eulogies

The following text is the eulogy that my brother Frank wrote for and spoke at my mother’s funeral.

I’ve known my mother all of my life, and I know I will miss her for the rest of it! My mother, Jacqueline Axe, or Jackie as she would always say, was a great mother to her children and wife to her husband. She provided love and support to her family and instilled in all of us, including me, many of her values and beliefs, which included strength and determination, a high value of education, a love of travel, and a deep appreciation of the arts.
My mother fought a courageous 21 year battle with cancer. She endured three surgeries and a round of radiation treatment and lived to the age of 85. I think cancer lost!

She attended college and pursued a degree in interior design, where she developed a profound appreciation of contemporary architecture and interior design. As a result, I became familiar with names like Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. I often remember her architecture projects where she and her team members would build these miniature scale models of buildings they designed.

Education was important to her, because it opened doors of opportunity and enriched the lives of those that pursued it.  She was very proud that all of her sons went to college.

When I was young our family spent time traveling our country and visiting sites of historical and cultural interest. Later I traveled through Europe with my mother and brother on a world wind tour of seven countries in three weeks. This was just a prelude to many of her future trips.
After I left home she continued to travel the world until very recently. She visited faraway places like Kenya, Tibet, the Galapagos Islands and the former Soviet Union.

My mother loved spending time with her family often watching her favorite television shows. She took a particular pleasure in looking after her grandchildren.

My mother lived a full life. She loved her family and was/is loved by them. She will always be missed by her family and friends, but her memory will live on in all of us.

The following is the eulogy that my Dad wrote and spoke.

She was my wife.
We were married nearly 59 years. There were, of course, rough spots along the way but I believe on balance we had a good life and a happy marriage. We shared a lot of good times together.

She was my love.
I can’t say it was love at first sight but I think I knew in less than a month after I met her she was the girl for me. She was my partner.  In the early years of our marriage as a Navy wife she had to take care of the children, herself, the house and manage the family finances while I was off somewhere sailing around the Pacific. In later years when she had her interior design business I was her junior partner. She did the designs and selected the accessories while I moved the furniture and hung the pictures and drapes.  Her own home was always very important to Jackie and in the course of our partnership we had seven houses. Two of which we built. Leaving a home was always a traumatic experience for her because wherever she lived she always put a lot of herself into the home.

She was the mother of our children.

We raised three boys whom you have seen here today… come to honor their mother. She read Dr. Spock religiously and in spite of all our experimentation they survived and turned out pretty well.

Lastly, she was my friend.

She was the best thing that ever happened to me. As we grew older we grew closer together. We shared a love of travel and seeing the world. I liked working beside her in the kitchen cooking dinner. We shared the same politics. We enjoyed reading the same books. And we both liked cats. I loved her and I shall miss her to the end of my days.

The picture of San Carlos, was taken by Chris, before the service.

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  1. Our sympathies to you on the loss of your mom. It’s very hard to lose a parent and our thoughts and prayers are with you. She sounded like an amazing individual. I can see where Dan gets his love of learning. Take care and safe travels home.

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