Weekend Update

David visited Drexel University this week. We haven’t really heard anything about his visit, except for a couple of Facebook posts. He apparently stole away from DC, without being noticed, even by his roommate, until he updated his location on Facebook. He is checking out the campus and meeting some of the faculty. Later he confirmed that he was in the environs of Philadelphia, with a photo of his lunch, a massive Philly cheese-steak.

News of Dan also came via Facebook. I did not know that LA has not one, not two, but three IKEA stores. I, for one, feel this is a bit too much, considering Saint Louis still doesn’t have any. He was shopping for sawhorses, not ordinary sawhorses mind you, but trendy IKEA sawhorses, made of Aspen. He bought eighteen of them, for $2 a piece, normally $15. The sawhorses are for his big art project. The sawhorses support the railroad tracks, upon which ride the railroad cars that carry the laser etched wooden buildings. It is complicated, but thanks to IKEA and its multiple LA locations, it has a good foundation.

Earlier this week, it was almost hot in town, with highs in the high seventies. That was then, this is now. Snow on Friday and more expected for Saturday. The forecast does not seem to be all that great for bicycling this weekend. Anne and I will just have to think of something else to do this weekend. The flower pictures are from earlier this week. If it snows as forecasted, I’ll try to get some more photographs of flowers, clad in snow.

As one last piece of someone else’s Facebook news, I would like to shout out to Karen, congratulations on her new job offer! Getting an offer is way better than any best wishes we could offer. Your new work friends will love you!

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  1. Thanks, RegenAxe, for the shout-out! I’m looking forward to finding out what the offer package has to … well … offer. So, it’s not an “official” offer yet, just a “heads’ up the offer is coming” offer… if that makes any sense!

    And, thanks for clarifying that Dan’s horses are actually SAWhorses. I was trying to picture HORSE horses (as in statues) that would go for $2 and be the right configuration to be used to support some project.

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