Beehive the 60’s Musical

Tuesday night I found out all of a sudden that we were going to the theater that evening. We had to move our tickets from our usual night, because other more pressing social engagements were crowding it out from that spot. After school on Tuesday, Anne went to the box office to exchange our tickets. We had planned on going next Tuesday, but there were no good seats that week, but there were excellent seats this week. So she made the executive decision to go for last night’s show. Then she had to inform me of her decision, which was no easy task. You see, these days, I’m a bit of an itinerant worker, going from one office to the next. I’m never at one phone number for long (not that Anne would know them anyway) and I’m not allowed to bring my iPhone into any of my work areas. So, I am somewhat hard to get a hold of at times. Fortunately, I called her and then she informed me of our plans and then I beat feet from work, so that we could make the play on time.

A rockin’ musical celebration of the girl groups who unmistakably left their mark on 60’s music and on many of our lives. Relive music’s golden era and an empowering time in history with “The Name Game,” “The Beat Goes On,” “Respect,” “Natural Woman,” “My Boyfriend’s Back,” “One Fine Day,” “To Sir With Love,” “It’s My Party,” “Proud Mary,” “Downtown” and many more! Through the hits of Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Shirelles and others, six energetic women and one very hot band take you on a journey through the look, the sounds and the electricity of the times.

The second birthday in this week’s all star lineup of birthday celebrations, is my Mom’s. Today is Jackie’s 85th birthday. We weren’t sure if she would make it to see this day, but she has and I want to wish her an extra special birthday, because of that. Happy birthday, Mom, and many happy returns!

Mack and the boys, the notorious slackers from John Steinbeck’s classic novel, “Cannery Row,” are lounging on the hood and bumper of a Ford Model A truck, grinning sleepily, with any problems clearly relegated to the back burners of their minds. The full-color mural by Salinas artist John Cerney that is now on permanent display on the back wall of Mackerel Jack’s Trading Co., along the Recreation Trail between Prescott and Irving streets in Monterey. That was the location of the Del Mar Canning Co.

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