I Don’t Want To Blog, But I Will

A trucker decided to take up knitting to help pass the miles. Since he had both of his hands full, he would steer the truck with his knees. One day while tooling down the interstate, a police officer observed him knitting while driving. The cop gave chase and pulled up beside him and yelled, “Pullover!” The trucker responded, “No, cardigan.”

Wait, I do have one piece of news to share, it is a wish, a birthday wish, happy birthday Bubs. “Bubs” is the familial nickname for Anne’s mom. Gene is her given name. I know she reads this blog, but I also know that she reads it only once a week. I just hope that today is the day that she reads it on. 😆

My muse has pointed out that I could discuss this summer’s vacation plans. We were thinking about going out west again this summer, possibly to California, but since Dan will be leaving LA this summer, that looks less likely. Jay and Carl are flying into STL in mid-July. They and Anne will first go to Tennessee to visit Rey, and then head up to the Cabin. Anne wants to also do the Michigan Wheelmen’s Shoreline West Bicycle Tour. This tour starts near the Indiana state line and heads up to Mackinac City, along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. This ride is in early August and after Jay and Carl have departed. All of these vacation plans work well for Anne, who has the summer off, but for me and my measly amount of vacation, I haven’t yet figured where or how, I’ll fit in yet. We need to decide quickly though because this ride is filling up quickly. I also want to have time to spend at the Cabin too. I really want Anne’s vacation schedule, June, July  and August, the three best things about teaching.

I’m tired and didn’t really want to blog, but I did. It wasn’t much of a post when written, but it was written. Too much fun in the sun over the weekend, I guess. I can think of nothing better now than just vegging-out and then going to bed early. Nothing else to report, no energy for a rant, and no need for more whining.

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