Bicycling Together

When I see an adult on a bicycle,
I do not despair for the future of the human race. – H.G. Wells 

Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor that has been held captive by Pakistan since January 27th was freed on Wednesday. Pakistan was holding him for murder, Davis said it was self-defense, and the U.S. Government said he had diplomatic immunity. The facts in this case seem irrelevant compared to the politics that have been swirling around it. Pakistan is a mess of a country.

Last month, cousin Mac sent me, a couple of pictures of Ray and himself, bicycling together. In the intervening weeks, many people have viewed this post. It has also garnered some rather supportive comments. Now that he is free, we can all breathe a sign of relief, and be thankful that he is coming home.

Anne and I bicycled today, but not together. She is on spring break this week and I have to work. She rode during the day and I rode after work. We both got 16 miles. This week’s earlier winter interlude has ended and spring is once more in charge again. Anne saw the first egret of the year in her ride through the Park. She rode over to the Gardens, to seek advice on what kind of tree to plant in our front yard. I rode around the Park and on my way home, and saw and heard the first ice cream truck of the year. It passed me, without slowing down. 😥

Anne signed us up for this fall’s MS-150 charity bike ride. So dear readers, do you know what this means? That’s right, we will be asking you all to pledge support in our name. Now I know you are all chaffing to pledge for Anne, but give us a couple of days to get the links set up. I know everyone like Anne best, frankly, I do too, but if one or two of you would be willing to pledge for me that would be extra generous. Now that we have both signed up, that of course means we will be training together, which also means lots of bike blogs to come.

The picture of the Arch was taken last Saturday, when I biked downtown to watch the Saint Patrick’s Day run. I shot this photo with the camera (Canon 5D) and lens (L-series 2.8 28-70) that I bought from Chris. I had the devils own time getting the Arch shot, until I turned off the auto-focus. With nothing but blue sky in the center of the shot the camera couldn’t figure out what to do.

3 thoughts on “Bicycling Together

  1. Maybe it wasn’t the auto-focus, just trying to figure out what it was looking at.
    I have been trying to move my pledges around (between you and Pooh).
    Who won the pledge race last year?
    Do I get more brownie points for going with one of you over the other?
    How about some statements – tell me what planks you would support.

  2. In truth, we add ours together. If one of us is short of the required minimum, and the other is over, we ask our great Captain Don to level the accounts.

    That being said, there is some minor competition, between us, as you have probably guessed. That’s based on the fact that you’ve known ME all your life, but you’ve only known HIM for not nearly as long! (Only all but 14 years of your life.) Let the games begin.

    My opponent only wants to spell multiple sclerosis correctly.

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