Happy Birthday, David!

Happy Birthday, David!  We hope that this day has brought you something that “feels good”.  You’ve had a great year this year, so I hope that you won’t mind if I beat your drum for a bit.  You graduated in May from the University of Rochester, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biomedical engineering.  You worked in your field all summer, doing research for your professor at the U of R.  Last month, you began your internship at the National Institute of Health.  On behalf of Dave and ourselves, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the American taxpayers for supporting him during this stage of his career.

Mom and I are very proud of you David.  Have a good time at Meliora, this weekend.  Make sure that you are careful while driving to Rochester.  We look forward to seeing you again, in Ann Arbor, at Thanksgiving.

Although this is Dave’s day, I would be remised as a parent not to at least mention his brother Daniel.  Anne and I have been twice blessed, with two fine sons, Dave who is a scientist and Dan, who is an artist.  I better stop now, because if I puff out my chest with pride any further, I’ll likely explode.  😉

Anne is teaching fifth graders this week and although she is clearly smarter than a fifth grader she is no where near as well balanced as one.  She was the teacher, but she also chose to participant in the class’s scientific experiment.  The experiment was a test of balance.  Each participant was timed as they balanced on one leg.  Sounds easy, right?  I forgot to mention that you have to do this with your eyes closed.  As I have said, the fifth graders were more balanced than Anne, who was more balanced than I was.  With my eyes open I had no problem standing there on one leg.  Close the eyes though and I was as wobbly as a slow spinning top.  Try it yourselves, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t stand for very long, it is not you, it is your age.

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