Friday’s Babblings

Dear viewers, some of you look at this blog, because you like the pictures, “Nice Pictures!”  A few of you like the writing too, but most of you monitor this fount, because you are interested in the comings and goings of the RegenAxe House.  I have not done this for a while, so here is our latest news roundup.

Dan is in school at CalArts, in Valencia, CA.  He is working towards a Master’s degree in art there.  He moved out there almost a month before classes begun and I think that he was getting bored near the end.  Annie’s classes had begun a few weeks before Dan’s did.  He seemed to perk up after he got assigned his studio at school.  It has been hot out there, with one day’s high hitting 110 °F, but both his condo and studio have air-conditioning.  He doesn’t use his car a whole lot, partly because the check engine light came on and he has not taken it into the garage yet.  He tried biking, but the hills in the area have discouraged him from doing much of that.  So he walks a lot and hitches rides with friends.

Dave is working as an intern at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD.  He is also taking a graduate class in human neurophysiology at NIH.  The woman who was supposed to train him and whose work he is supposed to assume has been out, so for Dave, work has been a little slow.  Dave lives in the district, just across the street from the national zoo.  He takes the Metro to work.  A week from today, Dave and his roommate, Abigail, will return to Rochester for the U of R’s Meliora (homecoming) weekend.  Since, Dave has moved to Washington, he has become a Saint Louis Rams fan.  When Dave moved to Rochester, four-year ago, he became a Saint Louis Cardinals fan.  He may have always been a Cardinals fan and I just didn’t notice it, but I distinctly remember him rooting for the Vikings, when they played the Rams.

Back here in Mound City, Anne and I press on regardless.  Anne continues to substitute teach in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District, Dan and Dave’s school district.  She has picked up her second case of the snottlings this school year, but still presses on regardless.  Thursday night, she canvassed for Robin Carnahan again, the Democratic for Senator in Missouri.  Thursday, was moving day for me at work.  My office moved out of its old, smelly, fly infested space to a new, bigger and most importantly clean space.  It only took this group a few years to trash the old place, I hope that they do better now.

Ooh, ooh, I almost forgot.  Here is a big shoutout to the Michigan State Spartans.  Go Green!  Gooooo White!  On Saturday, beat those Wolverines.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Babblings

  1. ok, ok – GO BLUE! although why U-M is favored in this game is beyond me. they do not have a defense. let me repeat – the do NOT have a defense.

    all the same – GO BLUE!

  2. Go Blue, Go White, Go Maize, Go Green!
    I get to have a split allegiance.
    Years of attending UM games left their imprint, as did the 4 years of MSU football.
    Maybe working in the stadium dulled my total enthusiasm.
    But it did provide dinner (hot dogs) on game days.

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