Wind and Water

Chris sent us another one of his fabulous photographs.  This photo shows a house on Scenic Road in Carmel by the Sea.  I tracked it down using Google Maps and Street View.  In is on the south side of town, close to Carmel River State Beach.  Point Lobos can be seen in the background across Carmel Bay.  Put this house anywhere and it is still likely a million dollar home, but I would leave it where it is and enjoy its ten-million dollar view.

Wind Farm 2009 is the name Anne has given for the quilt pictured below, that she made. Just before we left the Cabin on Saturday morning, she and Harry installed it in the Cabin.  Her inspiration for this work is the relatively new wind farm that has been installed across the lake in Canada.  Situated on Gros Cap, a highlands that overlooks the Soo, Ontario airport, this farm of hundreds of wind turbines are perfectly situated to capture those November gales that sometimes come a blowing.  Part of Anne’s inspiration derives from a tour that she took of the facility while it was under construction.  Up close each turbine is huge, easily over a hundred feet in height.  They are quite visible from the Cabin during the day.  You can see their enormous blades beating time with the wind.  At night they are still visible as a string of pulsating red lights.

The final photo with today’s post shows some jetsam at the Beach down by Doelle’s.  Doelle’s place is an old light station keeper’s house and dates back to the 19th century.  When it was in operation the keeper’s duties were to operate a set of range lights that guided shipping into and out of the Soo.  There was a range light back in the swamp and there was one situated near the house.  There was also a range light out on Round Island.  To facilitate access to the island and resupply by boat a dock was built.  All that remains of it is a cairn of stones and a few odd bits of rotting timber.  This summer though other aspects of this dock have been unearthed.  Pictured is some planking that I imagine was the docks.  The planks of wood are held together with two to three-foot long iron spikes.  Other iron spikes have appeared on land in the vicinity, making for excellent footfalls.  Finally, some kid has found an old iron roller, the kind that you would use to roll a boat in and out of the water on.  This is probably all old news to the regular denizens of the Beach, but it was new to me.

Dan has rebooted his blog.  He had planed to do this after he moved out to California.  You can find it here or as always in my links list under the The Pneumatic Toaster.  Check it out and please encourage the boy blogger!

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