101°F, Feels Like 108°F

101°F, feels like 108°F, so why doesn’t anyone ever come to visit us in Saint Louis in the summertime?  Yes dear folks, it is hot here in Saint Louis.  Too damn hot!  Anne is working all day (15 hour shift) Tuesday, as an election official, but at least it is in an air-conditioned polling station.  I worked Tuesday also and it was also in an air-conditioned environment.  Then I left work.  My first breath tickled the nose hairs similar in a way to a breath on near zero air.  I walked across the parking lot all the while feeling beat down by an ominous sun.  Then, I climbed into my 140°F car.  😳

So the weather out there is frightful, let’s try to make the rest of this post delightful.  Since there isn’t even a snowball’s chance in hell of making it snow, make them smile.  To that end I have lifted two pictures off of other people’s Facebook pages.  The first one came from Dan’s and the second one came from Val’s.  I hope that neither of them mind or if they do are in a forgiving mood.  It is always easier to ask for forgiveness.  Did I mention how hot it is here?

The first photo shows Dan sitting on an apparently dead Annie.  He is holding a rifle in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  I could go on about his attire, but it is probably better not to.  This is obviously an art project by two art students?

Val’s photo shows a roadway the way it should be.  Bicycles have so many multiple bike lanes that only in Holland, Beijing or Shanghai could they ever all be filled.  Cars are relegated to the shoulders.  I especially like seeing the bike eating grate in the car’s lane.  I count this as a ten bike lane highway.

Anne and I rode together both Saturday and Sunday.  We got 16 miles on Saturday and 21 miles on Sunday.  Saturday was the first time either of us had been on a bike for a couple of weeks.  We just rode around the Park.

We came upon the aftermath of the Wings of Hope’s charity cardboard boat race.  Pictured is the best looking boat.  It did not win for speed, but it did win in show.  The crew built this boat in three nights.  I’m amazed what you can do with cardboard when you have a sheet metal shop and a paint booth.

Sunday we rode through the Park and on to South Grand.  We lunched at Natasha’s, cruised Tower Grove Park and then visited the Gardens.  We only spent an hour there before the gathering heat chased us home.

I need a vacation.  Wait, just eight more working days until my next vacation …

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