Weekend Roundup

It has been quiet around the old homestead the last few days, except when it hasn’t been.  Anne is at her folk’s cabin now and I am left home alone.  It has been hot in Saint Louis this 4th of July weekend, so what I do get done, gets done in the morning or not at all.

Friday night Anne and I attended a retirement party for my former manager.  Saturday, I dropped Anne off for her Megabus ride to Michigan.  I then went back downtown to Fair Saint Louis to watch the air show, but I’ve already blogged about all this.   No reason to belabor it any further.

Sunday morning I mowed the lawn (big whoop, I know).  It really needed to be cut.  That took all morning.  Sunday afternoon was consumed with scanning old wedding photos.  I think that the product was worth the extra effort.

On Monday morning I got up early and biked in the Park.  I got 15 miles.  Later I drove to the Garden to gather some blog fodder.  Also to look at a yard that looks much nicer than mine.  I hope that you all enjoy the flowers.

So all-in-all it was a rather quiet holiday weekend.  Off to work today, off to make viewgraphs of mass destruction.  The second best thing about a three day weekend is that it is quickly followed by a four day work week.

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