Hot Time, Summer in the City

“Mommmm, slow down you’re walking too fast.”  When first time heard, it was a teenage daughter speaking to her Mom.  The second time, it was an adult daughter talking to her Mother and her Mom was wearing a pink survivor T-shirt.  You go Mom!  These were voices that Anne heard when she did the Komen Cancer Walk on Saturday morning.  Anne was joined by 71,000 of her closest friends for this walkathon.  Komen only collects $25 per participant, but times 71,000 the money adds up to more than you might expect, $3.4 million.

“Please move away from the train doors.”  Anne took Metrolink downtown and back, for the Komen walk.  It was crowded, but it moved the people well.  Plus, she got an additional few miles of walking to and from the Metrolink station.

While Anne was being charitable, I was mowing the lawn.  Saturday’s forecast was for hot and humid and the weatherman was true to his word.  I mowed the front yard and then took a break to cool down again.  I repeated this procedure for the backyard and then repeated it all over again to trim the yard.  Next Saturday, I’ll be watching Tiger Woods at the US Open in Pebble Beach.

After the lawn, I ran Saturday morning errands.  Anne returned and we regrouped and then re-launched, this time on bicycles.  We had a coffee party to attend.  Kaldi’s Coffee threw a barbecue for Team Kaldi’s at their roasting plant in The Grove.  On the way over there we stopped for a few errands, the post and banking.  The heat was such that waiting at traffic lights was torture.

We had a good time at the party, reconnecting with our bicycling friends.  We toured Kaldi’s roasting plant and enjoyed their food and drink.  Storms were rolling in as we kicked high and settled into the saddle again.  We shortened our six mile outbound route to five miles on the return.  We successfully dodge the in coming thunderstorms.

3 thoughts on “Hot Time, Summer in the City

  1. my friends Beth and Scott are going to be at the golf tournament also! just dropped them off at the airport yesterday.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of walker/runners. Almost like you wouldn’t get up to speed running until you reached the end of the race. Planning to walk is definately the way to go. Congratulations on your contributions.

  3. They do the start in waves. Timed runners go first, and I believe they have you line up by estimated times. The untimed runners go next, then the wheelchair racers, and finally the walkers. (Maybe the wheelchair racers go first, but I didn’t get there in time to see the racers start.)

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