Melons, Hummers & Sunflowers

Last Sunday, after Jane had left to return to Michigan, Anne went out to Queeny Park to see a quilt show.  DJ had invited her to the show and this was a good chance for the two of them to see each other.  I had seen DJ and Don at John retirement banquet, on Saturday night.  We were sitting a different tables, so we didn’t get to talk very much at all.

Today’s header shows a portion of a quilt called Third Weekend in October.  This is a kit quilt and at Anne request I had gotten her a copy of it.  Unfortunately for her copy, some assembly is still required.

As you might have gathered from the photos with this post there was more at this show than just quilts.  The bras on display were part of an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer.  They look like a lot of fun.

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