Men Peeing

All the pictures with this post show scenes along California’s  rugged, but beautiful coast.  All that water and having just cleaned the bathroom combine to form the inspiration for this post.  I haven’t checked with my Muse on this one, but while I know that she holds strong beliefs on the subject of men and peeing, I cannot say she would like to see me blogging about it.  So, with that disclaimer let’s get on with it.

I will share this axiom about cleaning the bathroom, that my Muse once related to me.  If only women use the bathroom, then it only needs to be cleaned once a week.  If men also use the bathroom, then it needs to be cleaned daily.  If boys also use the bathroom, then please clean it after each use.

When I was young and this was still an issue, my Dad once taped above the toilet this sign, “We aim to please, so please aim.”  To this end the Europeans have an innovation.  Engraved into newly built urinals now is the image of a fly.  Experience has found that this image of a fly gives men a desirable aiming point and thus reduces spillage.

Alright then, I’ve already belabored the disadvantages of being a man among modern plumbing fixtures, even though as a profession most plumbers are men.  Do you know the three rules of plumbing? 

  • Shit runs downhill
  • Never chew your fingernails
  • Payday’s on Friday

Let’s shift to the great outdoors, where you might find yourself, if perchance you were out on a bike ride.  In this environment men excel.  All that is required, is a stand of trees, some tall bushes or just a quiet road.

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