H.M.S. Pinafore

The pictures with this post are primarily from my brother Chris, of Chris’ Camera fame.  They cover the visit to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that Chris, Frank and Tristan made over the weekend.  The words are about the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, H.M.S. Pinafore.  Anne and I went to go see it performed on Saturday night.

My brothers, Chris and Frank and Tristan, Frank’s son, my nephew, went fo visit Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.  The seaward side of the park features a small, but picturesque waterfall.  This park is located just south of Big Sur on California’s central coast.  Chris and I visited it just the week before.  I bet that they all ended up at Nepenthe in Big Sur for lunch. 

I missed seeing Frank and Tristan by just one week.  I saw Frank last year, but I haven’t seen Tristan for quite a few years.  I’m sorry I missed seeing them, but it is probably easier on our folks this way.  Chris took the preceeding two pictures and the next one too.  Last week, I took the last photo in this post, of Chris and today’s header.  The tunnel connects the inland portion of the park with the seaside part.  You walk underneath the coast highway.

On Saturday night, Anne and I went to go see the New York Gilbert and Sullivan production (NY-GASP) of H.M.S. Pinafore.  We were joined by Joanie, Pat and Joanie’s friend Frieda.  The five of us went out to diner at Hendel’s Market Café, in Florissant.  This is the same place that we went last year when we went to go see Pirates of Penzance, also by NY-GASP.

I want to point out the following two video links.  The first is a TV commercial that NY-GASP put out for their New York run earlier this year.  Between Pirates and Pinafore we’ve seen most of the cast.  The other video link was refered to me by Pat.  This video features the characters Picard, Worf and Data from the TV series, Star Trek Next Generation, sing the song “A British Tar”.

On Saturday afternoon, I got out for a bike ride in the Park.  I got fifteen miles.  There is a lot of construction going on in the Park these days: 

  • The Art Museum has broken ground and site preparation is well under way for construction of its new wing.  So Art Hill his a mess.  
  • New sewer pipes are being installed in front of the Muny, so the Muny side of Pagoda Circle is all torn up. 
  • The Zoo’s south parking lot is all torn up and the road that runs along the Zoo’s south side is blocked.
  • The bike trail segment that runs along the south side of the Zoo’s south parking lot is also under construction.  There is a detour there, but the bike trail is still open. 

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