Bass Hall

Bass Hall is a concert hall in downtown Fort Worth.  It is just off Sundance Square, the heart of Fort Worth’s nightclub district.  My companions and I dined in this area nightly.  It is not too far from the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  I have already posted about this park, but today I have a video on this garden.  It is focused on the Active Water Pool portion of the Water Gardens.

This morning Anne walked up to First Watch in Clayton to have breakfast with Edie.  Meanwhile I went biking in the Park.  It was a beautiful day.  I got fifteen miles.  Afterwards we watched first Michigan lose to Ohio State and then watched Michigan State lose to Penn State.  It is unusual to get so much Big Ten football in Saint Louis.  To bad it didn’t turn out better.

I have mentioned that I downloaded a trial version of Adobe After Effects.  Today I finally got around to trying it out.  The movie that I made is based upon a twenty-minute tutorial that taught me how to do this effect.  The movie’s origins are in a series of still images created using Google Earth.  I used Adobe After Effects to create the zooming sequences.  I post processed those sequences in Adobe Premiere to create the final product.

WordPress has announced a movie contest.  The topic is Thanksgiving.  Length is thirty seconds.  The deadline is Friday.  Any ideas?

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