The Cards Versus the Brewers

Rey and Stan the Man

We went to the baseball game on Sunday.  We being Anne, Rey and I.  Before that, I biked in the Park in the morning and got twenty miles.  It was forty-four degrees when I left the house.  Regarding the Pileated Woodpeckers that I reported seeing yesterday, I now think that they were Red Headed Woodpeckers.

We took the train downtown.  Before we went to the ballpark, we stopped off at the Taste of Saint Louis.  A street festival, that is all about eating.  I had some Nepalese style chicken and rice and Anne shared her key lime pie cheesecake with everyone.  Later, we swept through the City Garden on our way over to the ballpark.

We had bleacher seats.  Our seats were in the sun, and the morning’s chill had long since melted away.  The stadium’s thermometer said that it was only sixty-three degrees, but it felt a lot warmer then that.  I can’t imagine sitting in those seats in July.  It was a good game, even if it was a bit messy, but in the end the Cards lost.  At one time the Brewers were ahead by six to one, but the Cards battled back and eventually tied the game.  In the tenth inning thought Milwaukie went ahead by two and the Cards couldn’t comeback again.  Sunday’s game was the last game of the regular season.  Milwaukie goes home for the winter, but the Cards are in the playoffs and head this week to LA to face the Dodgers.  Dan heads to LA on Monday morning, to look at art schools.

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