Happy Father’s Day!












This blog post is a Father’s Day tribute to two great dads, John and Harry.  You have both fathered some great children, if we do say so ourselves.  We wish you both a Happy Father’s Day!

LincolnSaturday night, Anne and I went to the Third Annual Saint Louis BFA/MFA Invitational Exhibition or as everyone speaks of it, White Flag.  Dan’s friend Annie had been invited and was exhibiting her resin and glitter scuplture of Lincoln (16″ x 9″ x 5″).  This is a great honor.  Only seven students were selected from a field of over a hundred.  We met Annie’s parents, Paul and Sue.  Dan participated in the first White Flag, two years ago.

Annie’s given name is Anna.  About a month or so ago Dan told us that she was shipping a package to our house so please look out for it.  Time passed, we forgot about it and the package arrived addressed to an Anna N., with our street address.

We get mail miss directed from both of our next door neighbors and for the same address number one street over, but this package had our address and street.  We still get mailings for former residents of our house, even though we have lived here for almost twenty-five years, but I have come to recognize their names.

Anne noticed a local phone number on the package and called it.  She asked if this was Anna and it was.  It wasn’t until they were five minutes into the conversation that Anne and Annie recognized each other.


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